AM & FM Translators

A Translator rebroadcasts signals from an existing station (FM & TV) to areas that have unsatisfactory reception of the original station. Translators provide an excellent means of extending the broadcast range of the FM station.

For more information, review our Translator Brochures and Translator Search Order Form.  Included in the brochures is information concerning rules governing translators and popular equipment lists.

When you receive a Search generated by our offices it will contain the following:

  • a list of channels available (if any),
  • the channel we recommend as the best for your purposes,
  • the maximum power available and the radius of coverage,
  • the population within coverage contours,
  • siting area maps in cases where tower siting is critical or moves are required.

Translator Brochures:

Translator Q&A
Translator Q&A for “Fill-in”, Booster, and AM Stations
Steps to Establishing a Translator at Your Station
Translator Search Order Form

Are you a commercial station?

If you have third party interests who need information concerning translators, just contact us with their name and address.  We will send out a third party package explaining the process of acquiring a translator, cost involved for the project, and a cover letter indicating you and your station.

MarkAM & FM Translators