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Sterling Communications is a Broadcast Engineering Firm which has been helping broadcasters and future broadcasters with all types of engineering questions since 1979.

  • Frequency searches
  • Allocation studies
  • Power upgrades
  • Form filing
  • Starting radio stations
  • Starting TV stations
  • Staring Low Power FM radio stations
  • and more

Why us?

If you’ve considered founding a radio or television station, you know that this is an ambitious undertaking. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recommends, and the prospective station licensee soon finds that he needs, professional assistance in all phases of the application… not only engineering technology. The FCC even cautions that all filing requirements should be checked carefully before filing at risk of dismissal of the application and loss of FCC filing fees.

Whether you are interested in starting a radio station, starting a LPTV station, or expanding your broadcasting outlets, we can help you quickly and cost effectively with our broadcast engineering services.

Sterling Communications is equipped to meet those needs, offering a helping hand to guide you through the myriad of details necessary to create and operate your station. In addition, Sterling stands on an impressive record of FCC approvals for licensing and operation.

Bringing together the talents of legal, engineering, financial, and other professionals, Sterling is an organization with excellent credentials and an outstanding track record of performance in this highly specialized field. The majority of our people have spent their entire adult lives in broadcasting, and are committed to the highest standards of client service.

Our business is built upon the principles of integrity, competence, and professionalism as well as an ongoing commitment to establishing and maintaining quality radio communications. We maintain the best available technical and data files, hold membership in professional organizations, and constantly work to upgrade the quality of radio and television broadcasting. We believe in going the extra mile for our customers.

In today’s world, there grow to be fewer and fewer radio and television stations that are dedicated to the presentation of quality, family-oriented material. We believe that this is a need that is not being met to its fullest potential. It is our desire to work together with individuals interested in this market to provide quality broadcasting, rather than merely quantity.

At Sterling Communications, we work closely with our clients, one-on-one, to make sure we provide you the skills you need for the broadcast project you need started and/or completed.

This is exactly what we’ve been doing for thousands of clients since the 1970’s.

Our Mission

A limited number of frequencies are available for new radio stations. Every channel we can capture for Christ will have a far reaching ministry to people who never go to church.

To a great extent, America is raising a generation of pagans, young people who do not go to church. Nevertheless, God, in mercy, has given us a pipeline into every home and every car … by radio, television, and internet. For us to use the mass media in our ministries is not an option. It is a mandate from the Lord. How else will we reach our generation?

A broadcast station is one of the finest communications tools God has ever given to us. Programming has a powerful impact upon our minds. It teaches values. It suggests a great deal about how we should live, and it has bearing upon our behavior.

Christians are not just concerned, they are dismayed at the continuing trend of negative programming. Rather than condemn today’s broadcast fare, the real challenge is to offer a positive listening alternative. It is up to us to use the powerful avenues of the media to show our generation the values that build moral fiber into our society.

A broadcast station is neither good nor bad. It is a passive device without morals. A station may be used to hurl forth music and talk that is sensual, or it may be used for the Christian message. Key men throughout our country, knowing the tremendous power and influence of broadcasting, are being led of God to establish listening alternatives in their communities. This is an opportunity to establish a beachhead for the Gospel in the homes of an increasingly unchurched America.

A minimum investment, plus equipment financing, makes possible a powerful ministry, with a broad impact upon the community. It is also a good financial opportunity.

Clearly, God has provided this marvelous access into every home, and our challenge is to bring Christ into each one.

Our team

Our team brings a broad wealth of knowledge and experience. Let us help you today with your broadcasting project.

Jim Price

Jim Price

An FCC first-class licensed broadcast engineer, Jim Price began his career in broadcasting nearly 45 years ago as a teenager. He helped found Sterling Communications in 1979 as vice president. He now serves as president of Sterling and is dedicated to providing services and assistance to quality broadcasters.

James Price

James Price

Son of Jim, James has been working with Sterling since 1987. After receiving his degree in Business Administration James has worked in the realm of Broadcasting nearly his entire career. As Vice President of Sterling he works most closely with our clients in scheduling and processing all work and services we provide.

Danny Langston

Danny Langston

Danny works in our engineering department. He is highly qualified to assist our clients in technical design of antenna systems and maximization of their broadcast service. His background and interest in radio began with his father being a board member of a gospel radio station.

Tim Kochis

Tim Kochis

Tim is our Sterling staff “field engineer”. He is the man! He can take a couple of pages of Construction Permit and build a beautiful and EXCEPTIONAL, economical station. Tim works within the available budget of the CP holder, and gathers the absolute best equipment for their station. He’s a real gift to our clients.

Gary Brown

Gary Brown

Gary is our AM engineer pro. By day, he’s the chief engineer for a major market AM station and field engineer for AM’s in multiple states. By day & night, he does field and engineering work for our many AM clients, and engineering and filing work with the Commission on behalf of our clients.

Charles “Todd” Burkhart

Todd is the one of the best FM directional antenna designers in the business. He has been designing great solutions for our clients since 2007 and began this on his own accord. He’s got a low voice and prefers to listen, but his motto is “Praise God and Pass the Ammunition”. He gets it done.



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  • We have, through the application process for a LPFM Radio Station, found James Price and his staff to be professional in every way. They were always, even through our “ignorant questions”, “affable, available and affordable”. At every decision junction, they released wisdom filled with judgement based on their experience and engineering knowledge. All through our application process they shared with us the appropriate direction to take based on what we needed, not what was perhaps best for them. Our application was successful due to their labor and we continue to look to them for all the necessary next steps. With Sterling Communications you receive professional care and sensitivity to the needs of you the client.

    Jim Hughes MD FRCS, The Church in Jackson
  • …a note of thanks for the wonderful and professional work you have provided for the many stations we have had over the years. It seems like we are always changing or moving something with the stations. As the years pass, we have found that we can trust your services and can call, at almost any time, with questions that we need your help to answer. Thanks again for your years of service for us here at Alabama Christian Radio, Inc.

    Pat Jarrell ACR
  • In 2004, we knew God was leading our ministry to purchase a 100kW FM non-commercial station, but we didn’t know much at all about FCC regulations, radio equipment, engineering studies or coverage maps. James Price and crew at Sterling Communications patiently answered ALL our questions and gave us information about questions we didn’t know enough to ask! Their engineering expertise enabled us to receive 3 construction permits during a non-commercial FM filing window, move antennas to more strategic locations and make well-informed decisions as opportunities arose to purchase other stations. They walked us through growing our network from that first station to 7 stations and 9 translators throughout Nebraska, all with faith, good humor and an awareness of our need to stretch each dollar!

    Carolyn Simmons Mission Nebraska
  • With over 50 years of broadcasting behind us here at VCY America Radio and TV, the importance of quality consulting and engineering remains the foundation for our more than 35 facilities across the network. James Price and the wonderful team at Sterling Communications have never disappointed us and their outstanding work is testimony before the broadcast industry and the FCC of the quality of their work. Sterling Communications knows how to get it done and done right.

    Dr. Vic Eliason, V.P. VCY America Radio Network
  • I will tell you that I have used many engineers before Sterling. None were as caring, effective and knowledgeable as James and his father have been. Jim Price (the father) was one of the most knowledgeable and innovative persons / engineers that I have known in my rather long career, and James has those same qualities. The Sterling staff is and always has been extremely willing to help. In addition, as a last comment, which is one of the most important items in any business, Sterling's pricing is always acceptable and very competitive.

    Charles Beard CSSI Non-Profit Educational Broadcasting Corp.
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