Power Upgrades

Hire us do a feasibility study for a power increase. Perhaps you have tried to do your own FCC applications in house and been overwhelmed by the precision necessary, or have even had the FCC dismiss your filings. Why bother to become a technical expert when you can hire the experts at Sterling?

Do you have questions about relocating your transmitter site, upgrading to a higher Class, tower registration, ANSI compliance or nearly anything technical? Let us help you determine your options. Not only will Sterling conduct feasibility studies initially, but we finish the entire project by designing your antenna system, and working with the manufacturer during production. We are ready to help.

Normally a Power Upgrade is begun with a Single Channel Feasibility Study to prove the viability of a power increase.

The summary of a Feasibility Study (when an upgrade is possible) will include your new power increase (watt-age) available, predicted contours and population, tower site maps (if a move is recommended), tower and antenna changes, and whether the change would be considered by the FCC to be major or minor when filing.  Please contact us so that we can discuss your particular circumstances.

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