New Client Application Checklist

This checklist is furnished by Sterling Communications and the following questions refer to the principal(s) of the applicant.

In addition you will note that some questions pertain to members of the immediate families of all principals, which include the following relatives:

1. Brothers
2. Sisters
3. Spouses
4. Children
5. Parents

Should answers to any of the following questions change while the application of is on file at The Commission, it is the responsibility of the Client, to file an amendment with
the FCC, updating information contained in the application consistent with any such changes.

Yes No
1.  Are the principals of all U.S. citizens?
2.  Have any of the principals ever been involved in any civil or criminal proceeding regarding:(a) any felony,
(b) antitrust action,
(c) unfair competition,
(d) fraud,
(e) unfair labor practices, or
(f) discrimination of employees?
3.  Do any of the principals or their spouses own any interest or have any connection with any of the following types of mass media outlets:
AM, FM, or TV stations construction permits;
Cable television systems; or
Investment companies, banks, or insurance companies with any of the above.
4.  Does any principal(s) or any member of his immediate family (parents, children, spouses, or siblings) have any interest in:
AM, FM or TV stations;
Broadcast applications now pending before the FCC?
5.  The next question refers to only Principals and not to members of their immediate families. Has any principal(s) at any time in the past ever had any interest in:
(a) Broadcast applications dismissed with prejudice (whether returned for being late, or any other reason).
(b) Broadcast application denied on its merits by the Commission?
(c) A broadcast station the license of which has been revoked.
(d) A broadcast application dismissed, whether by settlement or otherwise, which left unresolved character issues outstanding.


6.  Do the Articles of Incorporation include supporting documentation requiring a 75% local governing board?
7.  Indicate if 75% of the principals of the board live within 25 miles of the proposed city of license.
8.  What is the date of Incorporation for the Applicant? ____________
9.  If any principal(s) has any understanding or agreement regarding future ownership of the applicant entity, whether among themselves, or with anyone else, please describe the understanding that exists, and if reflected by a written contract, please forward a copy to this office.
10. We must have a listing of the board members or directors of the corporation, including their addresses, phone numbers and positional interest with the corporation.
_______________________ TIN or EIN (Taxpayer Identification Number, Employee Identification Number)



  1. Based upon your estimate of what it will cost to build its proposed FM station and to operate the station, without advertising revenues, for a period of 90 days, how does the corporation plan to pay for these costs? (Please provide copies of any letters or loan proposals).
  2. If any principal(s) anticipates having to pledge his/her corporate stock in order to obtain loans for the station, does the lender recognize that these principals must retain all voting rights until the FCC consents otherwise?
  3. Please provide all correspondence regarding use of the proposed FM antenna site.
MarkNew Client Application Checklist